You Can Only Manage What You Can Measure

How can you measure improvement if you don’t have an accurate starting point? Topper’s Pizza is meticulous when it comes to tracking and keeping statistics you can use to profitably manage your business. Here are a few of metrics you can track with our user-friendly business system, Business Management Suite (BMS):

  1. The variance in actual food costs against the standard food costs on an item-by-item basis
  2. Your Customers: the total number of orders, Customers and their order frequencies, the average ticket price, and the number of new Customers
  3. Your budgeted labour cost against the actual cost on an hourly basis. Labour costs can be broken down further into areas such as management, cooks, cashiers and so on.
  4. Marketing information such as the total sales by trading area, coupon tracking - total coupon redemption and individual coupon redemption
  5. A customer’s “usual” order

Business Management Suites (BMS) Program

Our BMS reporting program assists our Franchise Partners in tracking and measuring all vital business Data. The program provides extensive, detailed information including up to the moment sales data, customer frequency, prime costs monitoring, day part tends and overall pizzeria performance detail. Below is how the key information is displayed on the system dashboard:


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