Military Veterans Program



Topper’s Pizza is honored to be a part of the Canadian Franchise Association’s Military Veterans Program and we look forward to being able to give back through business ownership to those who have given us so much with their service. In recognizing the difficulties Veterans can face when transitioning out of service into civilian life, Military Veterans interested in becoming Topper’s Pizza Franchise Partners are eligible for a reduced licencing fee of $12,500 as part of the program – a 50% reduction from the standard franchising fee of $25,000.

Also, during the first year of operation, Military Veterans are eligible for a financial marketing incentive which is used to help launch, market and promote the Topper’s Brand and the new pizzeria within the community, done so through an assortment of proven marketing tactics.

Military Veterans are ideal for the Topper’s Pizza system for a number of reasons. With their extensive training to handle any number of situations and the ability to lead by example, this sector possesses a great sense of discipline and exceptional leadership skills, making them a perfect fit for the brand.