It all started over a century ago in San Daniele, Italy…

The year was 1904, and Giuseppe Toppazzini made the decision to leave Italy seeking opportunity across the sea in Canada. He brought his family and everything he owned…including his family’s secret Italian bread recipe.

That recipe would prove to be his meal ticket, as the Toppazzini Bakery he opened in Ontario’s Little Italy had a big impact on its customers and on the community at large. Giuseppe was able to pass the family bakery down to his son Bruce, who, in turn, passed it along to his son, Ron.

The Game Changer

Fast-forward to the 1970’s and the increasing presence of chain grocery stores, which made it increasingly difficult for specialty food shops to survive. In response, Ron changed gears and began experimenting with pizza recipes, each using his family’s famous Italian bread as a base.

In 1982, Ron founded “Mr. Topper’s Pizza.” Despite its mid-recession launch, Mr. Topper’s Pizza was an instant success, enabling Ron to begin his corporate expansion just two years later. Enlisting his sons, Keith and Kelly Toppazzini (then university students) as managers, they expanded the chain to 9 locations by 1985 and also shortened the name to Topper’s Pizza, as it is still known today.

In 1992, the company was ready to begin franchising the family business with the trademark Authentic ItalianBread Crust™. This new era would see the exit of Ron Toppazzini and the transfer of leadership to sons, Keith and Kelly.

Find out where the 4th generation has taken the Topper’s Pizza franchise today.